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Re: Mysterious NMU (Bug #423455)

On Sat, 12 May 2007 13:59:19 +0200
Stefan Hornburg <deblists@linuxia.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> I just got a bug on pure-ftpd (#423455). Someone else uploaded a broken NMU, now pure-ftpd is
> unstallable. My problem now is who did the upload and with what purpose, because it is not
> listed in package tracking system, and apt-get source only downloads 1.0.21-8.
> Any idea what happened ?

pure-ftpd is not binary NMU safe:

Depends: pure-ftpd-common (=${Source-Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}

Should be :
Depends: pure-ftpd-common (= ${binary:Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}

i.e. the original fault is in pure-ftpd, it just took a binary NMU to reveal it.


Neil Williams

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