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Re: Sharing a subdirectory of /usr/share between multiple packages ?

[Charles Plessy]
> It would make a lot of sense to have them in the same directory, so
> that the sysadmin can dedicate a partition to this heavy data. We
> are thinking about something like /usr/share/biodata for
> instance. In the case the wrappers would directly install data and
> not generate ad-hoc packages, maybe something in the /var hierachy
> would be more appropriate. But there is no /var/share... Also I am a
> bit unsure if the local sysadmin would be allowed to write in...

I would recommend updating the software to be able to read the data
files from several directories.  This way, the small read-only data
set can be stored in /usr/share/, and the large dataset fetched from
the web can be stored in /var/lib/, and the programs using them can
read from both.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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