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Re: Getting ftp-master mails as sponsor

On 11013 March 1977, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

>> This would need a new field defined in some sane way and then get
>> enforced to use to make sense. And then the scripts can start using it.
>> So the simple(r) option is "subscribe to pts".
> Doesn't the key used to sign the upload tell you?

Yes, then I know the key. What do I do with keys like the following
(which are fine and valid and stuff) where the primary UID is without a

gpg --list-keys 94c09c7f
pub   1024D/94C09C7F 1999-11-10
uid                  Peter Palfrader
uid                  Weasel <weasel@netalive.org>
uid                  Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org>
uid                  Peter Palfrader <peter@palfrader.org>
uid                  Peter Palfrader <ppalfrad@cosy.sbg.ac.at>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 7974]
sub   1024D/AFA44BDD 2003-07-09 [expires: 2008-08-02]
sub   2048g/E8F4A328 2003-07-09 [expires: 2008-08-02]

Pick a random uid? Send no mail? Send mail to all?
And no, simply "pick @debian.org" doesnt work, people may have chosen to
deactivate that address because they use something different for all
their debian activity now.

bye Joerg
<lamont> is there a tag for "won't be fixed until sarge+1"?
<sam> depends whether the BTS is year 2037 compliant

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