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Re: Getting ftp-master mails as sponsor

On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 08:10:47PM +0200, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 08:08:09PM +0200, Nico Golde wrote:
> > This would be nice since the NM don't have to forward them 
> > to the sponsor.
> Have them subscribe in the PTS?

  Honestly, that sucks. I don't want to subscribe the PTS for packages I
sponsor, I do go read the BTS from time to time to check they (my
sponsoring) are doing a good job, but I don't want to receive
everything. Though, I find it a real PITA not having the confirmation
mail from Katie^Wdak.

  And no I don't want to be listed in the Uploaders field, I've said
this already in the past. Uploaders in Debian is not used to say that
you are the "upload-machine" but to say that you co-maintain the
package. For most of my sponsored packages it's less than true.

  Moreover, some sponsorees sometimes have many sponsors, and well, I
just want katie's ack when I does the upload to be sure I did not
screwed up, but I don't care when I'm not the uploader.

  IOW, I do second nion request.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
··O                                                madcoder@debian.org
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