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Re: Bug#422423: ITP: libtool-cvs -- Generic library support script - CVS snapshot

2007/5/6, Kurt Roeckx <kurt@roeckx.be>:
> Stable Release: 1.5.22
> Development Release of Stable Branch:  1.5.23b
> Daily CVS Snapshot of Stable Branch: 1.5.23c
> Development Release:  1.9f
> Daily CVS Snapshot: 2.1a
> Tell me, which version should go to experimental branch? I think the
> daily CVS snapshot should be packaged as separate package.

The "2-0" branch didn't see any commit for ages.  Everything is
happening in head, so 2.1a.  I have no idea if they ever plan to release

Ok. I'll close the ITP and upload the new package as experimental
release of libtool package.


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