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Inactive maintainer (package: libguichan0)

Hello everyone,

I have got a problem with the following maintainer:
	FERREIRA Yohann <bertram@cegetel.net>

He is the offical maintainer of the libguichan0 (and libguichan0-dev) package but he seems to be inactive.

I asked him for a few weeks, if he could upload libguichan0 in version 0.6.1 to Debian Sid (because my tmw / tmw-music package depends on it), but he refered me to another person.

Here is the original email (his answer is the part at the top):


You can ask Mickael Koch for that.

Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de>

Have a nice day.

> > Hi Bertram,
> >
> > I would ask you if you would upload libguichan0 0.6.1 to Debian
> > unstable, so that my tmw package can enter Debian Sid (it's now in
> > experimental).
> >
> > Regards,
> >     Patrick Matthäi


So I asked Michael Koch (his package sponsor) and he has written:

Hello Yohann,

You need to prepare a new new upload which I can sponsor. I cannot just
move packages from experimental to unstable. When its done please send me
the URL to the *.dsc file and I can upload it.


Now I have complained an offical report at the dbd about it:
But without any answer.

I hope someone could solve this problem and if the maintainer will still be unavailable for his package, I would be ready to be the new maintainer of the libguichan0 package.

	Patrick Matthäi <patrick.matthaei@web.de>

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