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Re: Put files in package

Rodrigo Tavares wrote:

> Today, i use a makefile with two lines :
> binary-indep: build install
> mkdir -p debian/package/usr/share/doc/package
> cp -a debian/opt debian/package/usr/share/doc/package
> Then in postinst I copy the files for opt directory.

Why on Earth would you do that, instead of putting them into the package
where you want them in the first place (e.g. with dh_install or just
copying them into the right place in debian/rules)?

> When I run the command : 
> dpkg -L package
> /usr/share/doc/package
> it show all files in /usr/share/doc/package, but this
> directory is only documetation. And I want put them in
> another directory.

Of course; dpkg -L doesn't know anything about what you do in postinst.
You need to put the files in the right place in debian/rules when you
build the package.

I think maybe you ought to read the New Maintainer's Guide again.  And
please direct further questions like this to the debian-mentors list.


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