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should an init-script print output, if verbose is set to no in /etc/default/rcS or by /lib/init/vars.sh?

Hi *,

an user reported in #419413, that my init-script does no output, if
VERBOSE is set to no. He also gave examples (ssh, openbsd-initd, samba)
of packages, who ignore the verbose-setting and do some output with
"echo" or "log_*" from lsb-base, what he thinks is "normal".
But there are also packages who act exactly as /etc/init.d/skeleton
and call log_* only if VERBOSE!=no.

The Debian policy (9.3, 9.4) does not really say, that a init-script
MUST have output, but only defines how the output should look like and
refers to skeleton for the usage.

Now my question to the init-gurus/maintainers is: is the behavior of my
script correct, or should verbose mean: "print minimal status
information, but suppress warnings etc"?

Evgeni Golov

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