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Re: Draft spec for new dpkg "triggers" feature (v2, repost)

Scribit Ian Jackson dies 10/04/2007 hora 19:27:
> If the central package finds problems with the leaf package data it is
> usually more correct for only the inidividual leaf package to be
> recorded as not properly installed.  There is not currently any way to
> do this and there are no plans to provide one.

As a user, I expect to find it very annoying if one package can easily
break havoc for many others.

For any trigger that will only deal with files where each file is
produced by a single package, maybe we should consider an error
reporting protocol by which the trigger can report to dpkg the faulting
files (when it is able to do so). With those files, dpkg should be able
to figure which packages are properly configured and which are not, WRT
this trigger.

As I don't have any knowledge of dpkg's internals, I'm not sure what
such an error protocol could be. Maybe we could pass a FIFO to the
trigger and it could write null-terminated file names in it.

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