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Re: Debian Development environments.

Please CC the debian-devel list.

Sex, 2007-04-13 às 18:26 +0300, costin c escreveu:
> On 4/13/07, Luis Matos <gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx> wrote:
> > Sex, 2007-04-13 às 14:47 +0300, costin c escreveu:
> > > May be some informations or tips about how to build a particular
> > > package from maintainers/developers of that package could help new
> > > maintainers who want to learn how to build/debug packages in
> > > generally.
> >
> > for taht you have:
> >  - new maintainers guide
> >  - debian policy
> >  - debian-mentors@lists.debian.org
> >
> >
> Many details (low and high level) are still missing. If new maintainer
> or developer has some  linux experiences, will do heavily search about
> missing details, but if he/she came from *doze at some point, probably
> will abandon his/here work.
> Missing details about working with source packages (and other things)
> can be found through various sites/forums like
> debian-administration.org, debianhelp.co.uk and many other.
> One problem is that all those informations are not centralized or
> structured in some way.

do you use gnome?

Do you know devhelp?

This is a good documentation tool, if used.
If is there going to be development tasks, Maintainer docs should go
there, so the developper has all documentation in one place, and easilly

Something you learn by the documentation in the files that are created
with, for example dhmake.

other docs are in /usr/share/doc and are not available in a way that
user (developer) can easilly read/study.

For example, to attach a patch to a debian package ( to change the
source code as needed) is just one more call in the rules file and put
the patch in place...

Comparing with ubuntu, because it is focused in newbies, they have good
wiki documentation and howto's. People just go there, follow the howto's
and hope they work.
Debian on the other hand, i think, have lot's of unrelated doc's. But
they have them.
For example, one complain i got from rpm packging system is that even if
it was more easilly to packge than debian, it was not provided by good
documentation. In the case of debian that documentation exists.

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