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Re: [RFH] CMake and /usr/lib64/

Am 12.04.2007 09:11 schrieb Michal Čihař:
> On Thu, 12 Apr 2007 08:49:47 +0200
> Bastian Venthur <venthur@debian.org> wrote:
>> Does anybody know how to tell CMake not to use /usr/lib64 but /usr/lib
>> when building a package on amd64?
> There are needed some special steps? I recently switched Gammu package
> to CMake and it automatically installs to /usr/lib.

Maybe I found a bug in CMake. Gtk-qt-engine uses both variables:

the first one returns /usr/lib while the latter returns /usr/lib64.

In other words, this bug should only affect KDE apps. I wonder which
severity this bug should have.



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