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Thanks to the developers

Thanks to all!

Many thanks to our release managers and all developers for spending the
past 21 months preparing and releasing Etch!

Etch is a great OS and a great distribution -- to me it's the best
software I ever had. I would switch to something better than debian, but
I know that such a move will remain unlikely for the foreseeable future! 8-)

I had some minor glitches on upgrading from sarge, but those could be
sorted out quickly with the prompt help of a release manager taking some
of his precious time to lend me a hand! Special thanks to Steve!

Debian has faced a little criticism in the past regarding things like
the Mozilla rebrandings, Dunc tank discussions echoing in the media, so
I would like to stand up and to encourage the developers ignore such
nonsense and to continue their work just like in the past. Debian's
policy has never been to be the sexiest distribution around, and while
media etc. like to hype any OS or distribution based on its 'sexiness',
all Debian users know that stability, maintainability, etc. all work
against 'sexiness', but ultimately are more important and are the key
factors for Debian's long time success among its users.

Keep debian simple, stable and universal; keep out of the hype! Stay
firm on debian's design principles and the social contract; keep up the
great work!

Take my humble thanks for making my computers work great -- they
wouldn't work as good and as smoothly without Debian!


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