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Re: buildd-tools sbuild post-etch

Roger Leigh <rleigh@whinlatter.ukfsn.org> writes:

> This mail is just to outline a few thoughts I have about where to take
> sbuild after the release of Etch.

> 1. Source Dependencies
> ----------------------

> I'd like to completely strip global source dependencies out of
> sbuild for Lenny since it is obsolete, unused and rather complex.
> 2. Security (and Extensibility)
> -------------------------------
[remove sudo support for security, and use schroot to manage chroots]
[remove building on host]

Hi again,

Since I last posted a mail about sbuild, I have implemented the above
two changes.  Due to the large number of changes including and in
addition to the above, I am keen for other folks to test upgrades to
the new sbuild and check if their setup still works properly before I
upload this.

It can be found here:

or in SVN

Please mail any reports to me or to buildd-tools-devel at


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