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help requested [sn@leenissen.dk: Re: Bug#366146: libfann: new upstream release includes debian packaging]

According to the bug report, the upstream author of this package wants help.  As you can see 
in the message below, upstream can take care of the actual packaging.  However, he needs help 
on a couple of fine points of the package.  Also, it seems as if he is in need of a new 
sponsor to get this package actually updated.  I can't sponsor it myself since I'm not a DD.

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Subject: Re: Bug#366146: libfann: new upstream release includes debian packaging

The 2.0.0 package was made and uploaded, but it was rejected due to some
problems with the versioning. I was not complete sure how to alter the
package so that it could be accepted, and due to various circumstances a new
package was not made at that point.

Later on I tried to contact the sponsor for the package, in order to get his
help, but with no luck. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the package
and help creating the new package, please let me know.

Best Regards,

On 01/04/07, Allan Lyons <allan@rahab.wycliffe.ca> wrote:
>Not only has a new upstream release be available for quite a while, the
>upstream source tree seems to have all of the files for building a deb
>package.  Is there a reason why the newer packages were not uploaded
>back in 2005 and 2006?  (I'm assuming that they weren't uploaded since
>packages.qa.debian.org says that unstable is still at 1.2.0-1)

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