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Lame joke, explained

This ITP was (obviously) an attempt at an April's Fool joke. Some time
ago I played a bit with Markov Chains, which are a method for taking an
input text, and generating output that uses words from the input, but is
gibberish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markov_Chain). I got the idea
that it would be fun to use the Packages file as input to create a new
package description. The result was amazingly close to some of the worst
real ITPs I've seen, so I filed it as an ITP. Of course, it was not real
enough that anyone fell for it, but that just proves that Debian people
are not fools.

Closing the bug now, since April 1st is over.

Crappy tools are not worth it. Find or make better ones.

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