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Re: release update: d-i schedule, release notes, deep freeze

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> You might not remember who the release team is, but we still want to
> inform you about the final leg of the etch release cycle.  Our original
> schedule did not work out due to problems with the kernel and the
> slower than expected reduction of release critical bugs.
> kernel status
> =============
> Thanks to the dedication of the kernel team, these kernel problems have
> been resolved and we now have a releasable 2.6.18 Linux kernel in etch.
> Work continues on fixing remaining usability issues in the kernel, but
> the kernel is no longer a blocker for the etch release.

We still have no usable linux-source deb. The prepatched source
currently shipped will not build vserver, xen and several archs and
the debian patch is not compatible to make-kpkg and it is undocumented
how to apply it manualy to get the per arch or per flavour parts of
the patch.

Imho that makes the source package unusable. A bug about this is in
the BTS since forever.


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