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Re: May one use ~rc1 within versions although older lintians are complaining? (Closed)

Am Dienstag, 13. März 2007 schrieb Roman Müllenschläder:
> Hi there ...
> I'm packaging for debian right now and wanted to now if I may use a version
> number like: 1.0.8~rc1-1 ?
> Reason is the following: I have this packages on my repository for making
> it available to users for testing puposes. I know that the initial release
> should be 1.0.8-1. So if I do updates on the package now, I can't increment
> the version (which is now 1.0.8-1).
> So my wish would be to use 1.0.8~rc1-1/2/3... until initial release which
> will be 1.0.8-1 then.
> My version of lintian is 1.23.22 and it gives error if I use this version
> number and I'm fearing these error prevent the package from beeing
> sponsored !?
> Lg
> Roman

Ok ... thx for your answers to this! 

Beside building and testing my packages in a proper way (pbuilder and clean 
installations in vmware - because of my packgage beeing a graphical one, I 
decided to use a graphical system for testing, not chroot) I just mis-used 
lintian ;(
So my question came up cause of this unproper usage, was my fault and is 
therfore answered.


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