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Re: On maintainers not responding to bugs

Le samedi 03 mars 2007 à 10:45 -0500, Theodore Tso a écrit :
> Well, Josselin has been very negative about the whole concept of
> paying volunteers, and given that he was asking for help, and saying
> that his GNOME team was drowning under bug reports, I couldn't help
> but reply that if he really was serious about wanting help, would it
> extend to accepting paid help ---- since many people have asserted
> that they would leave the project if some of the contributors to
> debian were paid, in effect trying to hold the project hostage against
> paying developers.  Part of the reason why I suspect they are doing
> this is specifically because of some of the fears which you outlined
> above, and which I acknowledge are real ones and ones which are
> legitimate.

You are again biasing the discussion by trying to make your dunc-tank
paid developers look like paid developers we already have.

If some company wishes to see GNOME in Debian work better and starts
paying someone to do packaging and bug-triaging work on the GNOME
packages, he will be welcome. This may lead to other members of the team
doing less, but the overall quality of the packages would improve.

Oh, and this already happens with volunteer members. When someone has
more time and does plenty of uploads, you can magically see
contributions from other members decrease.

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