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Re: On management

> I'm not sure what you're advocating, but in my experience, project
> managers without the capacity to understand the technical issues of the
> project that they are supposed to be managing are worse than useless.

But project manageers who understand too well the technical issues
involved are also worse than useless because they tend to have an
engineer point of voew on things rather than a manager point of view.

The balance is pretty hard to find, indeed. We don't actually need
people who can understand all the internals involved in the work of
the GNOME team, or the kernel team, or D-i, or whatever. We probably
more need people with enough abstraction and general view on the whole
project....who can then be able to driver things into the right
direction and then make decisions at critical moments.

That deeply involves taking the advice of the technically skilled
members of the project, then take decisions from this.

I think that I quite deeply agree with Joss on that issue.

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