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Looking for a temporary account on Alpha

Dear list members,

Falk Hueffner filed a bug (Bug#412003) against the 2.10 release of the Yodl
package. He detected that the latest version did not run correctly on the
Alpha (see, e.g.,

The problem I'm now confronted with is that as far as I know nobody in my
environment uses the Alpha running Debian Linux. So I wonder if there is a
list member who *does* operate an Alpha and is willing and able to offer me a 
(temporary) account so I can research the problem's cause.

Thanks in advance for any help offered,


[cc: Falk]

    Frank B. Brokken
    Computing Center, University of Groningen
    (+31) 50 363 9281
    Public PGP key: http://pgp.surfnet.nl:11371/
    Key Fingerprint: 8E36 9FC4 1DAA FCDF 1A0D  B19F DAC4 BE50 38C6 6170

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