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Re: Where did Bacula 1.38.11-7+b1 come from?

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:
> sid seems to contain bacula 1.38.11-7+b1, a binary-only NMU for i386,
> which breaks bacula-console and various other packages due to broken
> deps.  The changelog file is signed only "buildd_i386-saens".
> packages.qa.debian.org doesn't know about 1.38.11-7+b1.

> Strangely, packages.debian.org's page for bacula-console shows
> 1.38.11-7+b1 on all platforms except kfreebsd-i386.  It doesn't make
> sense why the package would be bin NMU'd everywhere.

A binNMU does not show up in the pts, since there are no source

> The changelog message also doesn't reference any bug number.
> I can't find a notice of the NMU in the BTS either.

binNMUs are done without the bug-report. (It would be rather
pointless, since the maintainer himself cannot schedule binNMUs on
Debian's buildds.)

> Does anybody know what is going on here?


> (This problem was reported in bug #411652)

> I think someone deserves a serious thwacking...  they obviously didn't
> even try to install the result of the NMU, filed no bug about it, etc.

The bug is that a binNMU for bacula was scheduled although it is not
binNMU-able. Usually checking is done whether the package would break
before triggereing the rebuilt. Looks like this was missed this time.

If your next sourceful upload would fix this it would make the
release-team's work easier. The fix is simple:

1. Add a Build-dependency on dpkg-dev (>=1.13.19)
2. For all in bacula-foo packages that are arch:all replace any
occurence of
Depends: bacula-foo (= ${Source-Version})
with Depends: bacula-foo (= ${source:Version})
3. (optional, but clarify things) For all in bacula-foo packages that
are arch:any replace any
occurence of
Depends: bacula-foo (= ${Binary-Version})

Untested (For testing just set the version number to 1.38.11-7+b1 in
debian/changelog and rebuild with dpkg-buildpackage -b), I'll not have
time for a tested patch today or tomorrow but I can probably come up
with one on the weekend if you have not had time to resolve this then.

cu andreas

`What a good friend you are to him, Dr. Maturin. His other friends are
so grateful to you.'
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