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Re: unwanted loading of libnss_nis.so in etch

[Brian May]
> Can't you change the timeout? According to the comment in my
> libnss-ldap you can:

Sure.  But reducing it to a value where it is usable would render the
timeout useless.  It would have to be <5 seconds, and that almost
equivalent to connecting to all the servers at once and picking the
quickest responder.  I would rather have a system where all the
available LDAP servers are tested regularly, and the
best/quickest/available ldap server is used by nss_ldap when a program
request nss info.  Like ypbind is doing today, checking NIS servers
every 15 minutes or when a client report connection problems, and thus
making sure a client survive network splits as long as at least one
NIS server is available.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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