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Re: Why Beryl has just four packages?

Shawn Starr wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 February 2007 00:27, Anibal Avelar wrote:
> [snip]
> Heliodor I won't be including, gtk-window-decorator from compiz is the same 
> thing and will work with beryl (im not sure of metacity themes as there are 
> issues with this)
What about requesting a "Provides: beryl-heliodor" from
gtk-window-decorator for the time being?
or better yet: a meta-package with the required Depends: upon
gtk-window-decorator --- this would help end users while at the same
time easing the upgrade path for the future should beryl's heliodor
deviate from compiz.

> You can find the current work on git.debian.org  as mentioned, when 0.2 gold 
> is out we will have all copyright/license issues resolved finally. 
This is becoming of utmost importance as of lately.
If we want Debian to remain viable in the long run, we need to keep the
Archive free from legal issues.
That's actually the main difference among Debian and Ubuntu/Linspire and
other derivatives, and its strength :-)
> One important thing is the that beryl 0.1.4 has icons that are non-free (from 
> the tango project) and these will be removed in beryl 0.2.0 as upstream has 
> told me. Otherwise, beryl would have to go into non-free.
Hopefully not. Upstreams tend to be quite responsive when it comes to
licensing issues.. we are all in the same boat after all.

Anyway, thank you for all your work, Shawn. It is much appreciated.
Go Debian! :-)


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