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Re: RFC: use readable $(cmd) syntax instead of unreadable `cmd`

On Friday 09 February 2007 11:11, Jari Aalto wrote:
> I have reported bugs against backtick and suggested to change to use
> the more readable alternative. The result was surprising. To quote
> one message (bug closed reasoning):
>      "If your development environment cannot display ` differently than '
> , you need to get a new one."
> I'm askinf if it is ok to to reopen such bugs based of better QA
> aspects. Possibly by providing patches if the maintainer is busy
> elsewhere to handle such a "minor issue" from his perspective.


I would be happy to see bugs against my own packages that *clearly* 
increased usability and readability of code, as long as they included 
tested, working, patches.

But a bug that asks to change coding style just for the sake of style or 
preference of someone who isn't even working on the software at all 
wouldn't be as welcome.

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