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Re: Handling of (inactive) Debian Accounts

On Sat, 10 Feb 2007 18:54:56 -0600, Jon Marler
<jmarler-reply@emarler.com> said:  

> I have a question ... How do I keep my Debian maintainer status if I
> miss the vote?  Is there a website I can log in to "raise my hand"
> and keep from being booted out?

        While this is a legitimate question, but how likely is it that
 people can "miss" the vote? debian-devel-announce is the one list
 people are supposed to be subscribed to, and for a period of 9 weeks
 there are (almost) weekly announcements about the forthcoming vote
 (nominations get 4 mails, platforms get at least one, debates a few,
 and then there are 4 ballot mails).

        There is a three week period where ballots can be cast.

> Is there somewhere this is being debated where I can join the
> debate?

        Err, how about right here?

> I frequently respond to bug reports, upload new releases, etc.
> Shouldn't that clearly indicate that I am still active?

> I understand if you would rather not debate this privately.  I just
> don't want to be booted out of the group because I missed a vote.

        Now, one might be away from the net for prolonged periods, and
 thus unable to send in a ballot, but an active developer is unlikely
 to just "miss" the vote.

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