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Re: RFC: use readable $(cmd) syntax instead of unreadable `cmd`

On 2007-02-09, Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net> wrote:
>     - The backtick version is not easily readable in high resolution screens
>       or in terminals with small fonts 

Solution: get glasses.

>     - There may be problems in distinguishing character ' from ` with sme
>       particularly selected font.

Solution: use a proper font.

>     - The missing backtick is hard to find in highly quoted context, where
>       single, double quotes and backticks play the code tune.

Solution: use a editor that can help you.

>     - The backtick is awkwardly located in some keyboards. (possible
>       orphan/adopt/NMU maintenance problem)

The backticks are better located here than the $( sequence.

>      "If your development environment cannot display ` differently than ' ,
>      you need to get a new one."

Quite reasonable reasoning.

> I'm askinf if it is ok to to reopen such bugs based of better QA
> aspects. Possibly by providing patches if the maintainer is busy
> elsewhere to handle such a "minor issue" from his perspective.

I prefer backticks.


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