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Re: Upgrade Experiences (27 Sarges -> Etch, and counting)

Maarten Verwijs a écrit :
> hi,
> I took the plunge and upgraded about half of the Lab here to Etch. 
> This is about 27 machines to date, catering almost the same amount of
> users.

A few days ago, I also upgraded two servers from sarge to etch.
Basically, all has been fine. I just note a few things to take care for
the other servers not yet upgraded :
- be sure that a 2.6 kernel is installed (servers were still in 2.4)
  before typing 'reboot' ;-) : "apt-get dist-upgrade" did not get
  a linux-2.6 kernel package.
- take care of partition name : the servers had SATA hd. This means
  /dev/hdX with 2.4 kernel and /dev/sdX with 2.6 kernel. I fall into
  the trap for the first server upgrade. I add to boot with
  init=/bin/bash and correct /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst
- the second server (nfs server) has a RAID SCSI hd. The initrd load
  the SATA driver and the RAID driver in no order. So my disks switch
  between /dev/sda? and /dev/sdb? once out of two.
  To solve this, I used label in /etc/fstab, /etc/grub/menu.lst and
  I set fsid in /etc/exports
All other things upgrade without any problem (nis client, autofs, samba,

> Thanks for all the hard work! Debian is still the one and only
> distribution for me. It Just Works. Thanks for your efforts.

Same for me.

  Best regards,

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