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Re: Attempts at security

Am Samstag 03 Februar 2007 13:17 schrieb Russell Coker:
> Anyway, if the overhead of SE Linux in the kernel is something you consider
> to be a problem then there are many bigger problems that you will have with
> the Debian kernel packages (or probably any kernel image from a binary
> distribution).  Best to just compile your own kernel.

At some point they just add. I don't have a problem compiling my own kernels 
but is there any site describing use case scenarios for selinux and also 
consider to not use it for some scenarios?

It's just that I am pretty sure that I do not need it. However, using the 
term "security" seems to set a flag in some minds that somehow implies the 
idea of getting it to everyone, needed or not.

Is it that strange to raise a flag and keep saying that there are some that 
don't need it and don't want it?
Typical example in _my_ case are selinux and fine grained file system extended 


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