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Mails sent to <package>@packages.(qa.)debian.org go to a blackhole?

Fellow developers,

Some of you probably have seen that I'm currently running a mini
"campaign" to fix longstanding l10n bug reports, mostly for debconf

As part of this process, I send initial mails to
<package>@packages.debian.org and <package>@packages.qa.debian.org to
warn maintainers about my NMU intent.

These mails use the "X-PTS-Approved: yes" header as needed
for sending mails to addresses@packages.qa.debian.org

(the point in sending mail to both addresses is having more chances to
reach the real maintainer when packages are team-maintained and  the
team address is not used in Maintainer:)

However, during that last campaign, many maintainers mentioned me that
they indeed did *not* receive such notices.

For instance, yesterday, a notice sent to arb@packages.debian.org,
arb@packages.qa.debian.org AND directly to Andreas Tille, the package
maintainer, has only been received once by Andreas.

I made a few tests by sending mails to such addresses for my own
"geneweb" package.....and, three hours after, nothing came in.

I would indeed like to know whether some of you also experienced
this...to at least know whether the problem is on my side or on Debian
servers side.


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