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Bug#407446: [Fwd: Re: Bug#407446: general: automatic mount network share in filesystem.]

On 24 Jan 2007, at 10:08 am, Jean-Michel wrote:


This seems to works with NFS.
But what's about Samba?

Out of the box, no, but it can do so if you create your maps correctly; am-utils supports using arbitrary mount programs, so you can tell it how to use smbmount, for example. See:


However, you will have the problem of what user to mount the filesystem as, since SMB requires, as I understand it, authentication against the server before you can mount the filesystem, and you then mount the filesystem with the credentials and access rights of that user. For read-only guest shares, that's not a problem, but for read- write access it is. So (a) you'd have to hard code the access credentials into the mount script you give to am-utils, and (b) all users on the system would be accessing the SMB share with the access rights of this hard-coded user. Again, that's possibly OK if this is a single-user system, but it's no good on a multi-user system.


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