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Re: update on binary upload restrictions

James Troup a écrit :
> 	  Why are the current set of restrictions in place?
> 	  =================================================
> arm has had restrictions in place ever since Aurelien decided to
> unilaterally turn on emulated buildd(s) for arm with no consensus from
> the arm porting team or the release managers.  This was problematic
> for all the reasons listed above.  Also, fundamentally, arm was not in
> trouble release-wise because it lacked build power, but because it
> lacked _humans_ willing and able to deal with the failing builds.

And also it lacked and lacks _humans_ dealing with arm@buildd.debian.org
to requeue the packages when asked.

It's very frustrating when you spent a few hours to get a list of
packages to be rebuilt which is then ignored. Requeing package is more
necessary on arm than other arches due to "lost" builds and due to a few
small build daemons that are not able to build the bigger packages.

Contrary to what is said on various mailing-list, I haven't setup those
"rogue" autobuilders because arm was lacking build power [1], but
because this way I was able to requeue packages easily.


[1] arm lacks one fast build daemon, this currently prevents more
flavours to be add to the kernel package. A fast machine as be offered a
few months ago, but this seems to have been ignored.

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