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Re: Suggesting new method to handle dpkg diversions

[keeping debian-devel CC, this seems to still be relevant]

[Goswin von Brederlow]
> What if each package could list all its current diversions in
> DEBIAN/diverions (i.e. in the control.tar.gz)? Upon install dpkg
> would then add those diversions to its list and removed them on
> deinstall. During updates it would add new diversions before
> unpacking and remove obsolete diversions after removal of old files.

Sounds to me like a job for a 'dh_diversions' script, and
'debian/packagename.diversions' files in the source package.  Or maybe
a 'dh_alternatives' that handles both alternatives and diversions,
since they are similar concepts and alternatives are a great deal more

Presumably slave alternatives would be handled by indenting the slave
line just under its master.


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