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Is Susumu OSAWA MIA?

I've noticed that the eb package is an old version.  "new upstream
available" wishlist bug was filed on 2005-02-11, and the upstream
releases were on 2005-05-29, 2005-08-14, 2005-11-26 and 2006-08-31,
but the package hasn't been updated since 2003-09-14.

The maintainer of eb is Susumu OSAWA <susumuo@debian.org>.  His
latest activity AFAICT was the latest upload on 2003-09-14.  It
seems Susumu is MIA.

Susumu, are you reading this?  What's your status regarding Debian?
Do you plan to go back to activity, or should your package be
taken over by someone else?

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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