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Re: ITP: lhapdf -- Les Houches Accord PDF Interface

* Hendrik Sattler <debian@hendrik-sattler.de> [2007-01-17 13:17]:

> Will b.d.o accept those headers in the first lines of a mail body?
> E.g. reportbug and kmail do not really work together (one of them must get 
> smarter) and I didn't find a way to add custom headers for the _current_ mail 
> only in kmail, yet.
http://email.about.com/cs/kmailtips/qt/et032904.htm - one of the first
hits with google...

yours Martin
http://martin.wuertele.net/ -- Debian -- OFTC -- SPI -- maxx@debian.org
<weasel> wenn ich openoffice installiere, dann sind meine briefe auch 
	noch nicht geschrieben.

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