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Re: Bugs in default GNOME etch?

On Wed, 17 Jan 2007 09:28:06 +0100
Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> wrote:

> Having eog and evince in the menu serves the "I want to look at a file I
> know I have on my disk" case. But you can open the file in the same
> number of clicks but with a better interface, by launching a nautilus
> window. You can get it even faster if it's still in the "recently used"
> menu.

I would say lots of people are used to think in the following way:

I want to open file `foo'.
Start program that handles file `foo'.
Open file `foo'

This works with files that you can edit (abiword files) and those you
can't (pdf). A distinction between the two is IMHO artificial.

Why not facilitate people that work like this and have one more entry
in the menu?

I would say there is even a better case for having evince in the menu
then for eog. eog opens files you can edit with programs like gimp,
while for evince there is no alternative `editor'.

grts Tim

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