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Re: Is Ryuichi Arafune MIA?

On 12/20/06, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:

I just prepared a NMU for toolbar-fancy [1], a package maintained by
Ryuichi Arafune. Now, I usually check the QA page for maintainers for
which I do NMUs. Now, Ryuichi's QA page [2] shows he has been quite
inactive in the project - His latest upload AFAICT was in 2006-03-30
for imagemagick [3]. This package is quite popular (popcon 9174), and
has seen 13 NMUs since.

It seems Ryuichi is MIA. Possibly this is not the best way to check
for activity or to ask QA to take over his packages (QA, is
it?). Anyway, Ryuichi: Are you reading this? What's your status
regarding Debian? Do you plan to go back to activity, or should your
packages be taken over by someone else?

Ryuichi, may I take over the webmagick package?

If you agree or don't reply, I'll take over the webmagick package.

Regards and thanks for reading,
Muammar El Khatib.
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