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Using Makefile for copy files into a package


I created a package. 
In my preinst I put the line:

psql -p $port -d DB -U db -h $INPUTDB -f
/opt/script.sh" &> /dev/null

I set in my makefile:
package = mypackage
install -m 755 debian/scripts-bd/script.sh

When I run dpkg-buildpackage, the package is created.
But when i run the dpkg -i package.deb, the script.sh
is not foud. With pwd, i saw the current directory
/root. Still the command line below is not executed.

I want a single package, where the file script.sh has
been into the package. So when i type :

dpkg -i package.deb, the script is executed and the
files script.sh are found, and the command below be
excuted with success.

Best regards,


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