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Re: umask-dependent debian/rules

Hi Nikita!

You wrote:

> I would like to ask, is it considered a bug or not, if debian/rules 
> implicitly depends on umask 022 (and produces packages with broken file 
> permissions if umask is more strict).
> E.g. see #399058.
> If this is considered a bug, I guess it may be a subject for mass 
> bug-filing...

Yes, I definately consider this a bug.  I have a 077 umask, and packages
not handling this gracefully in debian/rules (e.g. using cp rather than
install to install file into debian/tmp or so) has bitten me multiple
times in the past.

I wouldn't consider it RC though, as all autobuilder and pbuilder
environments use a 022 umask (afaik).

Kind regards,
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