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Re: Etch Software RAID Upgrade Trouble & Suggested Installer Improvements


Having some rescue tools available in the installer medium is nice, but I 
usually prefer to use some full live CD system (Knoppix in my case) for the 
more involved rescue operations.  (Especially since I usually download the 
businesscard ISO to install - and limiting what's being shipped is really 
the idea behind that ISO...)

That said, many of your points are still valid.  I'm not involved in the 
installer, but at least
> 2. Netinstall image needs a ping
> 3. Netinstall's ifconfig needs to set MAC address
are probably trivial to implement and don't cost much space.

> 7. There needs to be a command to copy all data
I've wished for full acl support in tar for a long time...  At least rsync 
is now getting it.  (OT for this thread.  Still: anybody knows an archiver 
that properly handles POSIX acls?)

-- vbi

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