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Preseeding and debconf

Hi !

I am using preseeding to configure quickly a package :
 - debconf-get-selections | grep ^packagename
 - debconf-set-selections < file.seeds
 - dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical -fnoninteractive packagename

This works  with most packages. I  have recently filled  a bug against
ocfs2-tools  (#404877) because  this package  parses /etc/default/o2cb
instead  of using  debconf database.  This means  that my  changes are
erased when using dpkg-reconfigure.

I have found the same "bug"  in ssmtp. In those cases, debconf becomes
useless  because it  is used  only  for the  first configuration.  For
reconfiguration, the configuration file  superseeds what is in debconf

Should  I  fill  bug  against  ssmtp  as well  or  is  this  behaviour
considered correct ?
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