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Re: Not depending on shlibs because of plugins?

Re: Mattia Dongili 2007-01-05 <[🔎] 20070105174804.GG13533@inferi.kami.home>
> > Is it in this case ok if I replace ',' by '|' there? This would allow
> > the user to really choose what database backend he wants.
> Yes, why not? does yada handles gracefully the absence of a library (eg.
> if incorrectly configured or such)?

Yes, it returns an error. (I.e. it doesn't segfault or something.)

> If so did you consider:
> Depends: A | B | C
> Reccomends/Suggests: A, B, C
> would that work?

It wouldn't change the fact that I'm formally breaking policy. (Or
rather, the question *if* I would break it.)

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