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Re: localisation in system wide daemons

On Fri, Dec 22, 2006 at 09:37:35AM +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peńa wrote:

> In any case, it would not be too difficult to adjust programas that parse
> logs to be able to parse translated messages. Take in account that all
> translated text messages would be available in a message catalog (typically a
> PO file).

Well, if you already have all messages in a catalog, why don't you
translate the logs on the _viewing_ side?

- No need to bloat the daemon's code
- No need to fear from fresh new locale-related bugs in a lot of
  programs running as root
- You do not loose searchability via Google
- If you fire the previous sysadmin who likes to read log files in some
  arcane language you still have a chance the next admin can read the
  logs too
- In case of network-related messages, you may simply have no other
  option since the real error message is generated by a remote process
  you have no control over

Btw. googleability IMHO is quite an important reason: most of the time
if you encounter a cryptic log message the best option is to cut&paste
it into a google search and look at the results. With localized log
messages that would never work so you take away the chance from the
poor sysadmin to find out the meaning of the message.


     MTA SZTAKI Computer and Automation Research Institute
                Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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