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Re: block device served over network connections

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On 12/20/06 18:16, Warren Turkal wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 December 2006 02:59, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
>> Just rearrange the initscripts so that mdadm is ran _after_ aoetools.
> If it were only that easy, I would do that. However, there is much more to it. 
> For instance, the mdadm and lvm and evms run in the initramfs. Also the 
> ethernet card receiving the AOE data needs to be up to talk to the devices, 
> and thus needs to be up. An IP is not neccesarily needed for AOE (think "ip 
> link set eth1 up") unlike ISCSI. I wish there were a way to make the aoetools 
> script work, but it is fundamentally broken. I would like to work with the 
> maintainer, but he has been pretty unresponsive to this use case.

Roll a custom kernel that either statically links the modules, or
loads them in your preferred order?

> I have now added the scripts to make it work from initramfs and to make sure 
> the network is up during shutdown at the right time to let the lvm subsystem 
> properly shut down. I also disabled the aoetools scripts. I have posted the 
> required scripts at [1]. Granted, they are a total hack, but they work. I 
> wish someone smarter than me about this stuff would take a look. As one 
> improvement, I could probably use the /etc/default/aoetools in the initramfs 
> script.
> wt
> [1]http://penguintechs.org/debian/aoe_stuff/aoe-block.tar

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