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Explications needed...

  I happened to have had access to the internet during my vacation, and
I happened to read a backlog on #debian-release that frightens me:

15:52     aj | "# unilateral action to run an emulated buildd -- all arm changes sidelined until fixed."
15:52    aba | oh, where?
15:52     aj | cron.unchecked, -> queue/delayed
15:58    aba | (and btw, I would expect that ftp-master send someone who runs such buildds mail to please stop it ...)
16:18     aj | and now aurel32 will presumably fly off the handle
16:22    aba | aj: I don't think that is a good idea either if the porters do uploads - i.e. blacklisting is probably better than whitelisting
16:23    aba | aj: and please let e.g. people upload to non-free and experimental, e.g. tbm or kmuto
16:28     aj | aba: not at this time

  Aurelien mailed debian-arm, went to #debian-arm, had no response. He
then warn about his intention [1] to run qemu-based autobuilders to fill
the gap due to broken arm buildds. He did that on the open, and got ...
zero answers.

  I must say I'm shocked to see he has not been contacted yet, to kindly
ask him to stop. This looks like a petty personnal war, whereas aurelien
did a wonderful work.

  So, why :
  * does aurelien initiative causes troubles ?
  * aurelien hasn't been contacted by the ftp-master team first ?
    aurelien is really easy to contact, so there is no excuse to this
    completely inadequate behavior.
  * do someone found the time to blacklist everybody except elmo,
    whereas no one found the time to fix the arm build daemons ?

  I also noted that now that only elmo can upload arm packages, the
whole arch:any packages migration to testing can be stuck by a single
man, I really really ask the DPL that took this decision to (1)
reconsider, (2) explain himself about that.


  [1] http://blog.aurel32.net/?p=33
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