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Re: Bug#403770: ITP: context -- A powerful TeX format

Hi Frank!

On Die, 19 Dez 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> > * Package name    : context
> Fine :-)

It is time to get it into Debian I think. It was clear that it wont go
into etch, but I want to see proper context support in lenny, and
neither texlive upstream nor tetex has this.

Not that I care for ConTeXt, I am not a context user, but I want to have
everything TeX related more or less up2date.

> > Use ConTeXt to create simple documents and complex layouts. 
> To me this long description sounds too much like marketing blurb and has
> little information content.  The most important question that it should
> answer is "what's the difference to the more known LaTeX?"

You are heartly invited to write something better, it is all in our svn
repository. I am quite bad in writing stupid texts (better in writing
math) and I just copied the text from the website/description/doc.

Best wishes


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