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Re: Bug#403584: RFH: apt-cacher -- caching proxy system for Debian package and source files

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On Monday 18 December 2006 10:16, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> And/Or help developing or rewritting the incomplete designated
> successor, apt-cacher-ng (currently C++ with some sugar).

Not to dissuade anyone from yet another interesting project (I have my own 
share of reinvent-the-wheel projects), but I think yet another new apt 
cache project needs some justification.  What are the downsides of approx 
and apt-proxy that merit the effort of rewriting apt-cacher? (I assume the 
current apt-proxy codebase is not up to your standards if a rewrite has 
been found necessary.)

-- vbi

Some of you may have heard of this crazy company called SCO (aka
"Smoking Crack Organization") who seem to have a hard time believing
that open source works better than their five engineers do.
        -- Linus Torvalds

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