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Mozilla- prefix. Was: Bug#402650: ITP: mozilla-foxyproxy -- advanced proxy management tool for iceweasel

> > > > I don't think we should still use the mozilla-* prefix for extension
> > > > packages ... now that we have ice*.
> > > But then, what to use instead ?
> > Reading from the package description, this extension is just for
> > iceweasel ... so maybe iceweasel-foxyproxy ... 
> With a little work, such an extension could be made available for
> iceape. That may even happen upstream. So iceweasel-something is out of
> the question, IMHO.
Indeed, stupid me didn't get at once what +xp-fl stands for so I
inquired upstream
and they are planning to support it for iceape and seamonkey

> > or just foxyproxy
> > with the term "iceweasel extension" in the package short description.
> or debtags ?
> Anyways, the thing is that when I uploaded the very first extension
> packages, for mozilla at the time, they didn't have the mozilla in their
> name. Now they have, because of fair comments from Ari Pollak in bug
> #189595. And I still agree with him.
That was the idea I had for "why do we use mozilla- prefix". But the
question now is -- can we use it at all? I mean, since it is a trademark
of Mozilla Co since this year (according to wikipedia), I believe we
can't use it any more...

So possible ways I see
1. leave it as is and have mozilla- prefix
2. figure out substitution to the mozilla trademark 
3. remove prefix once and forever and use appropriate tags. After all,
many applications use some common codebase, but they are not required to
have a common prefix.

(1) seems to be the worst in the lengthy run, but the only one which fits
the frozen state of etch now

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