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Re: Do not use control@b.d.o for bug ping-pong

* Warren Turkal (wt@atmos.colostate.edu) [061212 17:27]:
> On Tuesday 12 December 2006 04:05, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > [If you're doing this, you
> > better have already written (or gotten someone else to write) the
> > patch to fix whatever bug you want reopened and fixed; otherwise the
> > ctte will likely close and ignore your bug report too.]
> So even if it's a relevant bug, the result will never be to leave the bug open 
> until it's fixed?

That is totally up to the ctte. It really depends how "bad" the bug is -
the more severe a bug is, and the less invasive the fix is (and not
knowing one means "quite invasive") the better is the probability that
the tech ctte agrees it should be fixed.


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