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Request for testing: ClamAV 0.902c2 packages in experimental

Hello all,

I have just uploaded packages for clamav 0.90rc2 to Debian experimental.
I am requesting testing and feedback about the upgrade path.  Besides all
the usual new features and better detection methods, this upgrade changes
the config file format in an incompatible way - all options that were
previously specified by a single directive are now booleans.  This is
great for flexibility, but it meant some interesting maintainer script
logic to make sure that the new config files didn't remove your local
changes, but were forward ported to the new syntax.  Before I unleash
these packages on unstable, I would love to hear that this upgrade
doesn't trash people's config files.

Please reply off list or file bugs as you deem appropriate.

Thanks all,
|   ,''`.                                            Stephen Gran |
|  : :' :                                        sgran@debian.org |
|  `. `'                        Debian user, admin, and developer |
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