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Re: Ondemand governor by default in etch

John Goerzen dijo [Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 07:20:25PM -0600]:
> > I must just repeat what you say. Of course, I cannot say how cooler or
> > how much lower on electricity does this run, but my 3GHz P4 also
> > dropped to 375MHz. And it was painful.
> > 
> > I hand-adjusted the minimum to 1GHz, but still... I'm unsure whether
> We can trivially fix that by fixing a minimum to, say, 50% or 30%.

Well, yes, that's what I did after the machine was basically
unbearably slow.

> > to leave the ondemand governor active, as it might just never go back
> > to 3GHz on its own.
> Are you seriously having trouble with that?  I've seen it spike up
> virtually instantaneously.  What kernel version do you have

Yes. In fact, I left it running in 375MHz for almost an hour, just to
be sure it was not my bias. It _was_ slow as hell.

Strange. Now that you mentioned it, I tried to more objectively (sort
of) measure it - I configured the system for the full range. Yes,
375MHz is slow as crap. Redrawing Firefox takes about half a second
(with a very simple page), which is not too much by itself (unless you
work, as I do, under ion3 and every app is full-screened). Switching
~8 times between xterm and Firefox makes it go up to 3GHz. Of course,
a perl -e 'while (1) {}' immediately drives it up to 3GHz. Going down
to 375 is almost instantaneous as well.

...Maybe the problem is that I need a short burst of high speed
operation, and that's where it falls down. But I would not recommend
thinking on using this at 375MHz.

I tried this earlier today under 2.6.16, and am now under 2.6.18.


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